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Are your parents downsizing?

Something we cannot stop is time.

It is tough to see the passage of time especially when it comes to our parents. I know for me as my mom is aging, I worry more about her. Who is she talking to? Is my mom being scammed? Where is she putting her money? What decisions has she made that I don’t know about?

We all lead busy lives and having a trusted advisor to our parents is key to our peace of mind whether that’s a lawyer, an accountant or a REALTOR®.

As a REALTOR® that’s where I come in.

For our parents, downsizing can be a challenging time and requires a sensitive approach. As aging creeps in sometimes this can cause our parents to act in ways they haven’t before. They might have lost their patience and are cantankerous when faced with a challenging life event. They don’t mean to be, but difficult times tend to seem that much more strenuous as aging progresses.

Usually, our parents understand that the large house that was home to six people does not make sense for the two of them. The stairs are starting to be a problem and the yard work that once was a fun escape just seems like work. They don’t need the extra space. They may understand this on one level, but on an emotional level they are not ready or need the process explained to them in more detail over a cup of tea. And maybe not once or twice. It could take four or more visits, and that’s OK.

I am proud to serve the senior demographic.

This demographic is often forgotten or pushed aside. I have a special place in my heart for seniors and I always act as though they are my own family member. Our parents should be celebrated and treated with respect and admiration. Dealing with this demographic requires patience, understanding and trust.

Let me put your mind at ease; if you have a parent that is looking at downsizing, give me a call and let’s have a chat over coffee about it or a Zoom during these times.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting your parents (or yourself) in finding the perfect home!

Thank you again for your trust, it means the world.

My very best wishes,

Shannon Denise




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