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4 Tips Senior Loved Ones Should Consider When Downsizing


When our senior loved ones continue to stay in the family home throughout the years, needs and preferences often change. Depending on where your loved one fits in on the remaining at home continuum, the options will look slightly different.  A move might be on the horizon, and if so, what will that look like? The following four tips are a starting point in evaluating what the best fit is for your loved one.


  1. SAFETY – Consider how safe the community is. Do seniors feel safe leaving their homes alone? Are the streets well-lit in the evenings? Also, consider the safety of your senior loved one’s home when downsizing/relocating. Are there stairs? Dim lights? Is the front entrance easily accessible?


  1. ACCESS – In the community are there services and shopping readily available? Is the public transportation easily accessed? How close is the home to family and friends? How isolated is your senior loved one?


  1. FITS NEEDS – Is there support in the community for aging in place? How tolerable is the climate year round? Does the home your senior loved one is in currently fit their needs? Can they keep up with the repairs and maintenance?


  1. EASE OF USE – Is there an ease of movement in the community’s infrastructure? Can home features be added or modified if necessary? How wide are hallways and doorways to accommodate walkers or a wheelchair if needed?


Still have questions? I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) Realtor® and I look forward to assisting you and your loved ones with your real estate needs. Let’s face it, downsizing can be a challenging time for our parents and requires a sensitive approach. Being a Senior Real Estate Specialist provides me the knowledge and tools to deliver exceptional service to this very special demographic.


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