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3 Ways You Can Cut Contractor Costs – Written By Guest Writer Suzie Wilson


3 Ways You Can Cut Contractor Costs With DIY Maintenance and Repairs


Worried about the costs of home repairs? Well, you may not need to be. If you can swing a hammer, or at least use your hands, you can easily take care of tons of common home repair projects on your own. So, before you call a contractor, read through these tips from real estate expert Shannon Denise for basic home repairs any homeowner can easily complete without spending money on a pro.


You Can Take Care of Common Repairs with Basic Tools


There are countless DIY repairs that homeowners can confidently complete on their own, from replacing the weatherstripping on windows to repairing worn planks in your deck. Finding home repair tricks can save you a lot of money. Not sure where to begin? Try focusing on projects that can increase your home’s appraisal value. Things like working outlets in the garage and a railing on a deck may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but can provide much needed safety measures and increase your home value.


Any DIY homeowner needs the right set of tools to complete any of these projects. So what should be in your toolkit? A basic tool set to keep around your home should include screwdrivers, hammers, and a good drill, among other things. So what about those DIY projects that require specialty tools? Most hardware stores, like Lowe’s, let you rent certain tools, rather than buy them.


Finally, you’ll probably be relying on guides or video tutorials to complete certain DIY tasks. If you’re going to be following along on your phone, keep in mind that it can get damaged by tools or materials if it’s not properly cared for. A good screen protector will help protect your phone from scratches and bumps that may happen during the DIY project. Compare prices and types, such as glass and flexible screen protectors, before making a purchase.


You Can Prevent AC Issues with Proper Maintenance


Dealing with a summer heat wave can be brutal, but dealing with those scorching summer days without air conditioning can be downright dangerous. While there are not a lot of DIY HVAC fixes you should attempt, you can easily prevent problems with a simple task: changing your filters. If you do not think your HVAC system is keeping your home as cool as it should, try swapping out filters before you call a repair service.


You should change filters regularly regardless of the season, but you may need to up the frequency during warmer months. If changing your filter doesn’t do the trick, you may be out of DIY options. Search online to find a local AC repair pro quickly, so you can cool your home off sooner.


You Can Cut Plumbing Repair Costs with These DIY Tricks


Changing your AC filter is something anyone should feel comfortable doing on their own, but homeowners tend to cringe when they think of tackling plumbing issues as DIY repairs. That instinct to call a plumber for every little issue, however, can end up costing you a small fortune, especially when there are some simple solutions to many minor plumbing issues.


If your toilet is clogged, you can usually take care of even tough blockages without the help of a plumber. Pour a little dish soap into your toilet and your clog should break up pretty fast. You may need a plunger or even an auger to loosen larger debris.


If you have the opposite problem and your toilet will not stop running, you can still fix it without any professional costs. To repair running toilets, homeowners need to educate themselves on the inner workings of their toilet and use a few basic tools and parts to remedy the problem. DIY plumbing repairs are typically pretty easy, but if you suspect a more complicated issue, call a pro. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for water damage costs and more surprising repair expenses.


Home repairs don’t have to wreck your budget, especially when you can DIY so many of them. In addition to the projects above, you can find tons of DIY projects and tutorials to save you hundreds on your simplest home repairs. So, before you reach out to the pros, be sure to do a little research to see if you can take care of those projects on your own.


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